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Things to do in Manchester

Eddison Wells is privileged to have an office in Manchester. As as a Manchester Mortgage Broker we value the opportunity to enjoy a nice walk around Castlefield Urban hertiage park on our lunch break.

Manchester is one of the greatest tourist attractions in northwest England due to its cultural heritage. Visitors get to learn the history of the city as a renowned textile powerhouse in the 18th century from the Museum of Science and Industry. People planning to go on a vacation in Manchester will find these places great tourist attraction sites. 

1. Castlefield

Castlefield, designated as ‘Urban Heritage Park’ is a great exploration site for visitors as they walk along the old canals and the restored Victorian buildings as well as the now reconstructed Roman Fort. Visitors can also have a chance to explore the 1761 constructed Bridgewater Canal which was used to transport coal to Manchester from Worsley. There are also many warehouses along the canal which have since been reconstructed to serve as shops, offices, hotels and restaurants. A trio on the Bridgewater via a boat will give you a better experience of this great tourist attraction site. Some of the places that would be recommended for your sightseeing include Castel Art Gallery, renowned for its contemporary art exhibitions, Bridgewater Hall, which is the home to first-class concerts and Halle Orchestra. 

2. Museum of Science and Industry 

The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) is among the world’s oldest railroad stations and is among the places which visitors to Manchester should put on top of their list. MOSI has 12 galleries which include vintage cars made in Manchester and the Power Hall, with the steam and water-driven machinery from the olden day’s textile industry. The station building reserves the history of Manchester since the invasion by the Romans to the Industrial Revolution and the present day life. Visitors will marvel at the history of aircrafts which include the first British which made a successful flight, a replica of Triplane from the Air and Space Gallery. 

The Imperial War Museum North hosts historic war aircrafts and vehicles which make it a notable place to visit. Handheld weaponry, aircrafts, tanks and artillery are preserved in this museum as a remembrance of the struggle for freedom. The content of the Imperial War Museum North mostly revolves around war machines and weapons. 

3. Manchester Cathedral 

Manchester Cathedral is one of the most outstanding golden age buildings which are still carrying out their initial purpose of the building. The church which is located in Irwell banks dates back to 1422 to 1506 and received a cathedral appraisal in 1847. The beautiful chapels on its both sides of the choir and nave are particularity interesting features which were built between 1486 and 1506 and followed more alterations and additions in the following century. The choir stalls are attractively decorated with misericords, some of the richest in the country. The little Lady Chapel is notable for its wooden screen which dates back to 1440 while St. John’s Chapel is the Manchester Regiment’s chapel. 

St. Mary’s Catholic is another religious site worth visiting. The church was built in 1794 and is locally know as ‘The Hidden Gem.’ The exterior of the building has nothing much to marvel at, but the interior carries numerous Victorian carvings precisely crafted. Highlights in the buildings include statues of saints, high marble altar and a unique cross. 

4. National Football Museum 

Your visit to Manchester is not complete without visiting the National Football Museum, Manchester’s home gallery to Europe’s top teams-Manchester United and Manchester City. The museum houses some of the vintage sport related items like historic clothing and trophies and the first rulebook. Visitors also get to enjoy movies based on the history of football in Manchester and more entertainment features for the young. 

Football enthusiasts can also visit Etihad Stadium, home to Manchester City and Old Trafford, home to Manchester United. Guided tours will work you through the primary field as well as private boxes in the stadium. There is a lot of fun tour options to enjoy in these arenas including elegant dinner and behind-the-scenes tours. 

5. Chinatown

The Chinese communities in Britain can enjoy a home-away-from-home experience from Chinatown which is only a few meters from the Manchester Art Gallery. The gateway leading to the site is richly decorated to offer a striking effect. Restaurants and shops offer Beijing and Hong Kong meals and products while Chinese artworks and handicrafts are located at Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art. 

6. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester which was founded in 1851 is home to three Nobel prize-winners; James Chadwick, who is renowned for proving the existence of neutron in 1932, Ernest Rutherford, known for laying the modern atomic physics foundation and Sir John Cockcroft who was one of the leading Canadian and British atomic research physicists. 

7. Plat Hall: Gallery of Costume

Part Hall was built in 1964 and is now part of the Manchester Art Gallery which offers a trend of English costume and fashion from 1600 to the modern day. The hall is probably the only gallery which is a rival to Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Visitors can get to experience some different English costumes and fashion offered in one of the largest collections In Britain. 

8. Heaton Park

Heaton Park is located on a 600 acres land making it the biggest park in Greater Manchester and among the biggest parks in Europe. The Heaton Hall was built in 1772 and remains a great site to visit despite not being open to the public. Families can explore the animal farm, boat lakes ornamental gardens, adventure playground, woodlands and museum. On the other hand, sports enthusiast can enjoy mini putt, driving range, tennis courts and 18-hole golf course. 

Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden which was founded in 1917 is also another place worth visiting. The garden is partly wildlife habitat and botanical which relieves visitors from the busy city life. Visitors can play football, tennis and rugby from the garden while the scene offers a beautiful stroll or picnic.