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Things to do in Bristol

Eddison Wells is privileged to have an office in Bristol. As a Bristol Mortgage Broker we have the opportunity have a drink in The Pumphouse and watch the boats sail by.

Although London is the capital city, many people are becoming frustrated with how busy and expensive it is. Although there are many great tourist attractions high prices and large queues are luring visitors to other cities that have just as much to offer without the huge price tag. Bristol was perhaps put on the map for being the home of the famous artist Banksy - but it has so much more to offer than just street art. Bristol is the city of bridges, boats and bikes. The vibrant city easily attracts tourists of all ages, and if you are looking to spend a day or a little bit longer there you will not be short of amazing things to do. 

Brunel's SS Great Britain

If you are a fan of historical landmarks then visiting the SS Great Britain is an absolute must for your trip to Bristol. The ship, which was launches in 1843 was called the "greatest experiment since creation". She is one of the most important historic ships in the world. Brunel didn't just want to create a ship that would get from A to B. By combing size and power he wanted to create one of the most talked about ships in history and he certainly managed to do that! The ship has been turned into a museum with plenty to do and see, and they often hold talks about the history and heritage of the ship. 

Cllifton Suspension Bridge

Although a bridge may seem like a strange thing to class as a tourist attraction, the Clifton Suspension Bridge was one of the most innovative of it's time. Opened in 1864, it was based on an early design by Isambard Brunel, who designed the SS Great Britain. Connecting Bristol and Somerset it is still fully functional as a transport link. It has come to be one of the most famous suspension bridges in the world. 

We The Curious 

If science is more your thing than history is - you are in luck. The large science centre is a fantastic alternative to the London Science Museum and their mission is to 'make science accessible to us all'. It features many hands on exhibits and interactive displays to keep all ages interested through the day. As well as many different interactive experiences it also boats the UK's first 3D planetarium. The Tinkering Space gives visitors the opportunity to create and invent, and not only is there a giant ball run and robots but there is also a 3D printer that visitors are able to interact with. The Real Real Brain exhibition is not something for the faint hearted. Visitors can see a real human brain and learn all about what functions are completed by different parts of the brain. Aardman animations, who are famous for Wallace and Gromit also have an exhibition where visitors can get up close and personal with all aspects of the animation process. There are also loads of places to eat and drink and many more attractions within We The Curious, so you can easily spend a whole day there. 

Bristol Harbourside

Britol's harbourside has come a long way since it was used as a functional harbour. Often cited as the cultural hub of the city - the harbourside revival began in the 1970s. When the Arnolfini opened as a centre for the contemporary arts it became a predecessor for many other cultural centres and events in the area. Spike Island is a gallery and artist working space that incorporates a cafe that is open to the public. They have many different exhibitions which are constantly changing to keep visitors and the locals interested in the arts. Because the harbourside has become so popular in recent years - there are many places to eat and drink. You can get anything from Pizza to Asian street food and enjoy it on the beautiful setting of the harbour while looking out across the river.

Things to do in Bristol - Avon Valley Adventure Park

Avon Valley Adventure Park is a wildlife park that also has many things to do for different age groups. They offer many different animal handling experiences in their petting zoo including pony grooming and meeting the guinea pigs. There are many different animals to see from pygmy goats to chickens. As the park is situated next to the River Avon there are plenty of opportunities for country walks alongside the river. There is also a boating lake and a play area. As well as the free activities that are on offer at the Avon Valley Adventure Park there is also a miniature railway which takes you on a trip around some of the more interesting settings around the area. 

Hot Air Ballon Flights

You would not be able to mention things to do in Bristol without mentioning hot air ballon flights. Perhaps it is because of the wonderful scenery around the area, or just the abundance of green land they have to launch from, but for whatever the reason Bristol has become well known for it's hot air ballon experiences. There are many companies that can be found online who offer hot air ballon flights and most of them start at a price of £99 then increase depending on how many people the experience is for and for how long you want to take flight for. Due to it's close proximity to Wales, taking a hot air ballon flight in Bristol will give you some of the most stunning views you will be able to see anywhere in the UK.