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Things to do in Birmingham

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Birmingham is undoubtedly the biggest city in the Midlands and is fast becoming a cheaper alternative to London. For people looking for a short break without the hefty price tag Birmingham is the perfect place to keep yourself entertained for a few days. With so much to do and great transport links Birmingham is set to become more and more popular as a tourist city.

Cadbury World

Cadbury World is possibly one of the most popular tourist attractions in Birmingham. Opened in 1990 on the Bournville manufacturing site - Cadbury World attracts over 50,000 visitors yearly. Visitors can learn all about the chocolate's history, how it is made and even try some free samples. Cadbury World has 14 different zones that all lend their hand in telling you the story of how their chocolate is made. Most of the stories are interactive using animation or 4D cinema and some of the zones feature rides. As well as Cadbury World itself being an attraction, the surrounding area of Bournville is also an interesting place to spend some time. Although Bournville was historically a town for the workers in the Cadbury Factory, it is now a picturesque village with a lake and a pavilion. 

Go shopping at the Bullring

The Bullring and the markets surrounding it have been the epicentre of shopping in Birmingham since the Middle Ages, historically hosting markets. In the 1950's the first shopping centre was opened in the Bullring and the second one which is more well known for it's futuristic design was opened in 2003. Not only is the exterior of the modern Bullring futuristic, but the escalators inside the Selfridges store are also a tourist attraction in themselves. As well as interesting building designs, the Bullring is full of artwork by prominent and upcoming artists. There are many high street shops and restaurant chains inside, most of them being located on Special Street.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is part of a larger museum trust which is the largest independent museum trust in the UK. Although Birmingham Museums Trust runs many art galleries and museums this is the biggest and the 'flagship' venue for them. Centrally located on Chamberlain Square - Birmingham Museum has something for everyone. For the more traditional, there is an exhibition of famous landscape paintings by different artists displayed in the museum. This is run as a guided tour by a tour guide and only costs £3. For those who are a bit more into the modernistic side of life there is an exhibition of artists who have been influenced by the advances in technology over the past 20 years. If you are feeling thirsty from all of the learning you have been doing - Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has an Edwardian Tearoom. Beautifully renovated with Edwardian decor - the tearoom offers an a la carte menu and also an afternoon tea package. The perfect place to treat yourself after a long day of learning!

National Sea Life Centre

Although Birmingham is nowhere near the sea - that does not stop it having an incredible sea life centre. As part of the National Sea Life centres the Birmingham Sea Life Centre is full of attractions for all ages. As well as having animals that sometimes dwell on land like Penguins and Turtles, they also have many creatures from the deepest and darkest depths of the sea. One of their main new attractions is their new Octopus hideout. Being one of the only sea life centres in the UK to have a giant Octopus is bound to give them an edge over the competition. Visitors will be able to see Beverly the Giant Octopus in her custom made habitat and learn about the creatures that are so clever they are able to squeeze their whole bodies through a hole the size of a pound coin.

Black Country Museum

Although not actually in Birmingham, The Black Country Museum is an amazing attraction that is worth the short drive from Birmingham to Dudley. Set in 26 acres of land, The Black Country Museum is one of the UK's biggest open air museums. The rebuilt historical buildings house fully functional shops and bars that give visitors the experience of what it would have been like to live during the industrial revolution. Take a trip down the mines to see what working conditions were really like all of those years ago or visit the towns village and find out what a pub or toy shop had to offer in the 1930s. Not only is The Black Country Museum famous for it's amazing attractions but it has also been used as a filming location for television series like Peaky Blinders. As well as walking down the mines, you can take the 45 minute canal boat trip that goes through the limestone mines which is fully guided and gives real insight on how the area shaped the industrial revolution. 

British Motor Museum

The British Motor Museum like The Black Country Museum is not actually in Birmingham - but it is worth the short journey to Warwickshire if you are in the area. Featuring early editions of cars from well known brands like Jaguar, you can spend your time at the British Transport Museum being taken on a journey that explains the evolution of the motor industry.