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When moving home there is ultimately a gigantic list of things you need to remember and unless you have a IQ of Steven Hawkins its not easy. so we want to try make that list a little easier by doing the work for you finding out some of the little information you would need such a when do my bins get collected or who nows a decent mortgage broker in Brighton? well thats easy Eddison Wells.

So lets get started first on the list council tax, that little payment that comes out for 10 months of the year? or is it different in this new area and how much will my council tax be in Brighton?

Well here are the links you need to use to find out that information –

You can check your property’s Council Tax band and find other information on what to do if you want to appeal against the banding of your property at the Valuation Office website 

Sorry if your in the band H but it must be a lovely house

Now for bin times and collections follow this link simply enter your address and you will be given the dates when you need to have your bins outside, including recycling. – 

Why not just have someone move for you? yes it really is so much easier & most companies will provide you with the cardboard boxes but they can be ordered from Amazon too.