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Estate Agents in the Northampton area

Eddison Wells is privileged to have an office in Northampton. As as a Northampton Mortgage Broker we value the opportunity to go for a relaxing walk around Castle Ashby Gardens.

In Northampton, the Real Estate Market is a lucrative one. There are a number of Estate Agents who are experienced in the field, and are very reliable when it comes to property trade. Majority of them have impressive portfolio and years of customer experience and development record. The property market is always appreciating, and this means the Estate property trade is becoming competitive each day. 

Homeowners are always looking for agents who can make more money for them and that means sweeter deal from the property firms. The homeowners and those who are planning to procure homes get to consult the Estate Agents so as to get the best property valuation. This article looks at some of the top Estate Agents in Northampton, the firms they work for, and their contact details.

1. Cass Chies- REMAX Diamond 1st Agency

Cass Chies is an experienced Real Estate agent based in Northampton. The firm's office headquarters are at 236 Delaware Avenue. She is a sought-after property broker. Her experience in the buying and selling of estates are vast. She is known to commit to the sales process as she takes her clients’ through each and every step of the process. Her contact details are:

  • Website-
  • Facebook- @Diamond1stRealty
  • Twitter- @CassChies
  • Phone- 484-515-7319

Cass is a determined and dedicated property broker with a number of referrals under her portfolio.

2. Jennifer Schimmel- Keller Williams Real Estate

Jennifer is a highly rated Estate Agent and owner of Keller Williams Agency. In 2013, Jennifer and her team sold properties worth $5 million. She possesses 14 years of Real Estate experience. She is a highly rated broker and 90% of her business deals are through referrals. She obtained her broking silence in 2009, and ever since, her resume has been impeccable. Her contact details are:

  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Twitter- @PAHomes4sale
  • Phone- 610-360-0036

The offices are located at Street 100 Bethlehem PA.

3. Jeffrey Burnatowski- REMAX Real Estate Agency

Jeffrey has over 3 decades of Real Estate experience. He is known to take each client special. His fields are buying and selling of estates in Northampton area. There are a number of clients’ referrals under his portfolio. They make Jeffrey a sought-after Real Estate Agent. His social and work contact details include:

  • Website-
  • Twitter- @LVREALTY
  • Facebook- @Jeffrey_Burnatowski
  • Phone- 610-390-8322
  • LinkedIn- @lehighvalleyrealty

The offices of REMAX are located at 3180 Hamilton Road

4. Rose Mott- Fox & Roach Realtors

Fox & Roach Realtors offices are located at 5036 Hamilton. Rose is known to possess quality broking skills and many years of Real Estate experience. Her contact details include:

  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Facebook- @RoseMottRealtor
  • Twitter- @rosemottrealtor
  • Phone- 610-428-1290

5. Scott Montague- Century 21st Montague

Scott Montague is an experienced Northampton Real Estate Agent. There are over 312 homes under his ownership and over 138 rental properties under his management. He is known to be effective and reliable when it comes to property sales broking. His contact details include:

  • Website-
  • Facebook-@c21mcre
  • Twitter- @c21Mont.can
  • Phone contacts- 215-355-5500

Century 21st Montague offices are located at 720 Second Street and Scott is always willing to help.

6. Mike Cawthray- Weichert Realtors

With the office headquarters at 2330 Bethlehem PA, Mike Cawthray is a respected Real Estate Agent. He is known to lead a Real Estate company that is experiencing fast growth. His reputation stretches beyond Northampton. Mike is a reliable property agent in the county. His contact details are:

  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Facebook- @mikecawthray
  • Phone-610-865-5555

7. Barbara Zydyk- REMAX Unlimited Real Estate Agency

The headquarters of REMAX Unlimited is at 1080 Schadt Avenue. Barbara is an experienced property broker. He has many years of experience in home buying and selling. Her contact details are:

  • Website-
  • LinkedIn- @barb-zydyk
  • Phone- 610-349-6010

8. Camille Luckenbaugh- REMAX Diamond 1st

The office headquarters of REMAX Diamond 1st are at Delaware Avenue PA. Camille is a highly rated Real Estate Agent and consultant. She is among the top agents of the firm and a reliable one. Her work and social details include:

  • Website-
  • Phone- 610-730-7855

9. Sonia Alexander- REMAX Vision Real Estate

Sonia is an experienced Real Estate Agent in Northampton. She possesses quality property handling skills. She handles property such as homes, land, and business holdings. She is a reliable and focused property leader. She is also known to provide consultancy services to her Northampton clients. Her contact details are:

  • Websites-
  • Email-
  • Facebook- @ReMax1Vision
  • Twitter- @ReMax-Vision
  • Phone- 484-554-7672

The office headquarters of her company are at 2910 Easton Avenue Bethlehem PA.

10. Simon Arnes- William H Brown Real Estate

Simon is an effective market leader and sought-after Real Estate consultant. He possesses over 45 years of experience in Real Estate management and broking. He is part of UK’s biggest Estate Company. His office contact details are:

  • Websites-
  • Phone- 01525-218-500

11. Jacqui Zuzgo- 5 College Realtors

Jacqui is a multinational Real Estate Agent. She is experienced in the fields of relocation, new construction, buying and selling of land, and residential property consultancy. She is an experienced Real Estate broker with a number of properties and office in Northampton. She is a major driving force in regard to the global growth of 5 College Realtors. Her contact details are:

  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Facebook- @HomesinPioneerValleywithJacqui
  • Twitter- @jacquizuzzqo

She is a global brand with offices in Northampton and the US. Overall, Jacqui is a certified property administrator with a number of referrals under her portfolio.

The town of Northampton is richly supplied with amenities, and this is the reason for the county’s Real Estate culture and growth. The market for property trade is very competitive and the agents are becoming many each day. The future is bright for Real Estate and a lot is expected from the top brokers and their firms.