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Estate Agents in the Bournemouth area

Eddison Wells is privileged to have an office in Bournemouth. As as a Bournemouth Mortgage Broker we value the opportunity to pop down to the Pier after a day in work to soak up the sun. 

Looking for an estate agent is a key step to ensuring that you purchase the right property. Many people in Bournemouth are not able to locate the perfect property deals simply because they choose to pursue the entire process on themselves. If you are among those who would like to enjoy a smooth process while searching for property in Bournemouth, you should first consider linking with agents who are verified and experienced on matters real estate. To help you make the right decision, here are several agents in Bournemouth that you might want to consider working with. 


Belvoir, located at 122-124 Castle Lane West, is an estate agents firm that offers clients properties and guides for buyers. One of the qualities that have held the company at the helm of estate dealership is their focus on quality communication and the need to have a robust support team that helps clients access the kinds of properties they are interested in. This is among the most reliable estate agents in Bournemouth. Their business is based on the need to uphold customer satisfaction and quality service delivery, so you are assured to receive premium support that will see you get the kind of property you love. Their processes are efficient and transparent to allow you complete your goals seamlessly. 

Getting them to work with you is easy as you can reach the representatives of the agents through their Facebook account via, while their twitter account is The company also has a website,, which offers you many options for contacting them. There is also useful information about the agents that you will find on their online accounts, so this should be the first place to inquire about the services offered. 

Avenue Estates

The other estate company you can rely on in Bournemouth is Avenue Estates, which is based in 485 Wimborne Road, Winton. The company offers both buying and letting of property and their experience spans years of working in the real estate industry with a clean record to show. These agents combine effort with landlords, valuation agents, and real estate experts to offer you the premium service you deserve. Their resolve has always been ensuring their customers enjoy an outstanding experience and get the value they pay for. If you are not sure about what you would like to get for your needs, you will feel accommodated as their experts offer you free advice and guidelines to help you make a useful decision. 

Their new office found in Winton High Street allows you to transact sales, lettings, and get financial services in the real estate sector, and there is ample parking so you can sit to negotiate your deal without a hurry. They discuss your property slowly outlining what you need to make beneficial transactions, and most of their assistance is geared towards giving you the client the kind of support you need to walk away happy and satisfied. Get them through their Twitter handle, or their Facebook account Most importantly, the company maintains an active website at, where you will find more information about their services and offerings that you might enjoy. 

Blackstone Estate Agents 

Located in 1440b Wimborne Road, Bournemouth, Blackstone Estate Agents is one of the most reliable companies in the property market that offers you estate agents who shall help you pursue your goals without having to spend a lot, neither getting your property placed in the wrong evaluation. Based on the record of the company, they have achieved a great deal of success in offering honest and verifiable deals that are overseen by experts in the industry. If you are looking for an efficient way to handle estate transactions, this is the team you should look for to help you perform your transactions. 

The company is also a member of a team of an estate agency network, which is said to have more than 500 offices across the country, so when you market property with Blackstone Estate Agents you broaden the audience, which increases the chances of getting honest buyers. The property is multi listed and this facilitates for quick sales, something you will not get when you work with agents who are not established yet. If you have queries about the company you would like addressed, their Facebook page here is always open, and you could even choose to contact them via the official website at

Burns Estates

Burns Estates operates as an independent letting agent that is located in 144 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth. Being centrally located in Bournemouth town places them at an ideal location that helps to attract both professionals and clients who are prospective tenants. They are comprised of highly experienced estate agents and experts in various estate areas who have helped build their image as a reliable company focused on delivering quality services. Additionally, the company is one of the members of the Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA), and this means all the money clients deposit with them is secured as they operate based on an approved code of conduct. 

The company was founded in 1971 and has all along been working to ensure clients receive honest and fair deals in the estate market. Much of the business Burns Listings gets comes from local customers, who have maintained loyalty due to the benefits they have experienced while working with them. Landlords who work with the company are offered different management services that include the Tenant Find only service, Full Management, and Rent Collection. Their customer service levels are excellent and monitored to ensure all customers receive quality services they will appreciate. 

If you are looking to transact any estate deal, you are safe working with Burns Estates, and their website at offers you an opportunity to learn more about their offerings and services as well as information about the teams appointed to handle different problems. You could also get them through their Facebook account found at, or you their twitter account which you will find at